Dr. Burton I. Korelitz 30 June 1926 – 08 January 2022

It is with great sadness that we share the news that Dr. Burton I. Korelitz passed away on 08 January 2022. His lovely partner in life Ann Hanff Korelitz was with him. He is also survived by his talented daughters Nina Korelitz Matza and Jean Hanff Korelitz and his four grandchildren and two sons-in-law.

Burt symbolized the essence of IOIBD. He was a pioneer of clinical research in IBD. He asked practical, fundamental questions in the treatment of IBD. His publications in IBD date to the mid 50’s having published with Burrill B. Crohn and with Henry Janowitz, the founder of the division of gastroenterology at Mount Sinai Hospital. His most famous contributions revolved around the use of thiopurines in the management of IBD. Indeed, his work rescued thiopurines for use in IBD after the National Cooperative Crohn’s study suggested they were ineffective.

Burt mentored and inspired generations of IBD clinicians and investigators. With his sonorous, posh New England accent, he enticed us all with provocative questions—challenging us to do more. He was a master clinician and even after official retirement continued to care for his patients who all adored him and felt safe in his care.

Burt was attentive, interested in other people, and had such a young and kind spirit.  He will be missed by his many friends and will continue to inspire us in IOIBD to keep this spirit of inquisitiveness and lay the groundwork for future generations.

Maria T. Abreu, Chair IOIBD
On behalf of all IOIBD Members