Executive Committee

  • Iris Dotan (Chair 2022-2025)
  • David Rubin (Deputy Chair 2022-2025)
  • Marla Dubinsky (Scientific Secretary 2023-2025)
  • Axel Dignass (Deputy Scientific Secretary 2023-2025)
  • Pär Myrelid (Treasurer 2023-2029)
  • Remo Panaccione (Member at large 2022-2024)
  • Vineet Ahuja (Member at large 2023-2025)
  • Silvio Danese (Organiser 2024 AGM Florence – Italy)
  • Richard Gearry (Organiser 2025 AGM Auckland – New Zealand)

Board of Foundation

  • Iris Dotan (Current Chair)
  • Marla Dubinsky (Current Scientific Secretary)
  • Pär Myrelid (Current Treasurer)
  • Maria Abreu (Past Chair)

Nominating Committee

  • Maria Abreu (Chair)
  • Willem Bemelman
  • Axel Dignass
  • Uma Mahadevan

Publication Committee

  • Corey Siegel (Chair)
  • Anne Griffiths
  • Gilaad Kaplan
  • James Lewis
  • Gerasimos Mantzaris
  • Jürgen Schölmerich

Grants Review Committee

  • James Lewis (Chair)
  • Ashwin Ananthakrishnan
  • Dermot McGovern
  • Gerhard Rogler

Cluster chairs

  • Globalization: Richard Gearry, Gil Kaplan
  • PRO: Edouard Louis, Corey Siegel
  • Endpoints: Dan Turner, Axel Dignass
  • Stratification: Dermot McGovern, Matthieu Allez
  • Nutrition: James Lewis, James Lindsay

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee members have a 2 or 3-year term to serve in this committee. They meet twice a year in person and when needed via video conferencing. Topics on the agenda for the executive committee vary from Grants to New Members to Industry contacts and the content for the next Annual General Meeting. Each officer has certain sub-responsibilities in other committees.

The IOIBD secretariat supports the executive committee with strategic topics as well as meetings logistics, invoicing and communication. The secretariat is based in The Netherlands and is run by Marischka Konings Contact:


Nominating Committee

The nominating committee suggests new Executive members two months before a term ends. Selection criteria include diversity, geographical spread, special interest and experience within IOIBD. Candidate Executive members need to be confirmed by the members during an Annual General Meeting by majority vote. A timeline of succession can be found here: Timeline Executive Members IOIBD (pdf).

Furthermore, the nominating committee is responsible for a pre-selection of candidate members. The number of Active members is capped to 60 persons and IOIBD admits at least 2 new members every year. Vacancies occur when members turn 65, thus become Senior member OR when members fail to attend the AGM for 3 years in row OR when members die OR when members end their membership for personal or professional reasons.
Any physician who is engaged in an employment relation with Industry cannot be a member of IOIBD.

All academic members are allowed to bring forward or support one (1) candidate member per year. An updated Profile for New Members as well as an updated Nomination Process have been established in June 2022 and details can be found here:  Profile and Process for IOIBD New Members (pdf).

Deadline for submission of nomiations for new members is 01 September each year. Contact:
The nominating committee will consider and judge the candidates and reports to the Executive committee during the Fall Executive meeting with an advice for acceptance. The Executive committee makes the final decisions. All candidates as well as nominating members will receive notice after decision.

Board of Foundation

IOIBD is a Swedish based foundation, funded in 1997 under the name: Stiftelsen for Utbildning och Forskning avseende lnflammatoriska Tarmsjukdomar (SUFIT). The Treasurer for IOIBD is therefore always one of the Swedish members

The Board of Foundation meets annually. The books for the Foundation are audited annually. The Foundation is a non-profit foundation, exempted from tax in Sweden under number Org.No. 802404-9960

BYLAWS IOIBD Foundation (translated from Swedish original) – link to PDF

Publication Committee

This committee has been kept very busy with all publications and guidelines around COVID19 when it was first installed in Fall 2019. The committee guards the ‘IOIBD stamp of approval’.

Overall Strategy
To have a consistent review process for all material/abstracts/publications that would like to be associated with IOIBD. 
Please read the full guideline document here

Grants Review Committee

The Grant Review Committee wil review and rate the Operating Grant program applications (deadline for submission 01 September every year). The final awarding of grants will be undertaken by the Executive Committee, based on the recommendations of the Grant Review committee.

Please look at our dedicated ‘Grants page’ for the IOIBD Grant Programs.

Cluster Group Chairs

Cluster Group Chairs should be nominated and elected from within the individual taskforces (without involvement of the IOIBD nominating committee).  The Chairs should serve a 3 year term, with the possibility to be re-elected once. A reservation has been made for Cluster projects @ 30.000 Euro per group annually. Projects to be approved including budget by the Executive Committee (decision Executive Committee meeting October 2019)

One of the projects approved and funded, that originated from a cluster (Globalization) is the IOIBD GIVES Project – link to map!


IOIBD Scientific Secretariat

Marischka Konings

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