Special Issue JCC Journal on Covid-19 and IBD – a collaborative work of IOIBD and ECCO.
Providing guidance during a global viral pandemic for the care of patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Supplement articles:
* Guidance for restarting IBD therapy in patients who withheld immunosuppressant medications during COVID-19
* Care of the patient with IBD requiring hospitalization during the COVID-19 pandemic
* Global strategies for telemedicine and IBD
* Best practice guidance for adult infusions centers during the COVID-19 pandemic
* COVID-19 pandemic: which IBD patient needs to be scoped, who gets scoped now, who can wait and how to resume to normal
* IBD Management during the COVID-19 pandemic: the ten do’s and don’ts from the ECCO-COVID Taskforce
* Management of pregnant IBD patients during the COVID-19 pandemic
*Clinical Trials for IBD: global guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic