Immediately after outbreak of the pandemic, the IOIBD community has shared experiences and science in a series of 7 weekly Webinars.

The first step to understand the complicated and new disease COVID19 and the effects on IBD patients, has been a RAND panel survey with 76 statements. The RAND panel outcomes have been published as a meeting report in Gastro: link to pdf

The Rand Panel statements can be viewed in this document: link to pdf
General background information on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 can be found in this document: link to pdf

The next step has been to install Taskforce Groups that developed guidelines to support IBD physicians in these uncertain times. Based on publications, global experience with the COVID19 outbreak and surveys, following guidelines have been established:

ACUTE CARE: link to pdf

CLINICAL TRIALS: link to pdf

ENDOSCOPY: link to pdf


RESEARCH: link to pdf

Recommendations on Restarting IBD Therapy: link to pdf

TELEMEDICINE: link to pdf

Please feel free to download these guidelines for use in your own center!