Please look at our annual IOIBD Grants program with Operating and Travel grants. Deadline for submission 01 September annually!

Operating & Travel

  • Grant Deadlines
  • Operating Grant Deadline – 01 September 2022
  • Travel Grant Deadline – 01 September, 2022
  • Publications resulting from grant awards and task force collaborations


Grants to a maximum of Euro 250,000 for up to one year may be awarded; preferably equally divided between Clinical and Basic Science Projects. Preference will be given to grants less than or equal to Euro 50.000. No monies will be awarded to cover principle or co-investigators salaries. If institutions mandate that salaries of any size be included within any grant application, the investigator will have to come up with that money, but it will not be acceptable to include a salary line for principle or co investigators in the grant operating budget. Salaries can be included for research assistants, technicians, and trainees. Furthermore the IOIBD Foundation restricts diversion of a maximum of 10 percent of the IOIBD Grant funds by the host institution to cover indirect cost.

A short presentation of the project outcome is requested within 5 years after granting, during the annual general IOIBD meeting by the principal investigator.

Submitting applications by your junior faculty or as a joint-application with another / several institues is encouraged.

Applicants MUST have an active or senior IOIBD member as PI or co-investigator.
Any travel or operating grants will be awarded to the IOIBD member so that they are responsible to see that the project is undertaken and completed.
Money will be transferred to the institution where the IOIBD members is employed.
The IOIBD Foundation restricts diversion of a maximum of 10 percent of the IOIBD Grant funds by the host institution to cover indirect cost. 
An Institution that has been succesfully granted in 2021 cannot submit an application in 2022.

Applications will be reviewed by a grant review panel made up of members of the IOIBD. It will be at the discretion of this panel if they solicit external reviews. The final awarding of grants will be undertaken by the Executive Committee based on the recommendations of the grant review panel. If a member of the Executive Committee is applying for a grant he/she will not participate in the deliberations during the final grant awarding process.

The current Grant Review Committee is formed by the following members:
James Lewis (chairman), Yehuda Chowers, Mark Silverberg and Severine Vermeire

Clinical investigation
The IOIBD attaches great importance to the ethical acceptability of experiments involving human subjects. It is recognized that the investigator has a professional responsibility in this respect, and that the institution in which the research will be conducted must also make certain that the experiments are conducted in an ethical way. The IOIBD examines the ethical considerations as part of its review of each proposal, and funds will not be provided unless the protocol is entirely satisfactory.

The IOIBD requires that each clinical investigation project for which funds are sought from the Foundation be reviewed with regard to its acceptability on ethical grounds and approved by an institutional ethical review board. The Institutional Review Board approval must be submitted.

Similarly, appropriate approval for conduct of animal research must be submitted. Certification of care and use of experimental animals must be submitted.

Deadline: The submission deadline will be 01 September 2022

Please submit the original copy of the application form electronically. It is a requirement to use the IOIBD Grant Application form, that can be requested with the IOIBD Scientific Secretariat:
Each IOIBD member is allowed to submit only ONE application per year

All applications must include:

  • research objectives
  • review of literature
  • methodology
  • analytical methods/techniques
  • relevance of research to IBD and possible Impact on IBD care worldwide
  • references/bibliography
  • list of currently held funding and pending grant applications
  • ethical approval for human experimentation
  • ethical approval for animal experimentation

For more information and the application form please contact: Marischka Konings –


One objective of the International Organization for the Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IOIBD) is to promote multi-national communications pertaining to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and the development of IBD care and research worldwide. IOIBD will provide a maximum of two (2) grants up to a total sum of Euro 20,000 each year.

Applications will be reviewed and rated once a year by the Scientific Secretary. The final awarding of grants will be undertaken by the Executive Committee based on the recommendations of the Scientific Secretary.

A travel grant is supposed to support physicians / researchers who want to visit a foreign IBD centre for research, projects or clinical experience. Minimum 2 months, maximum 6 months stay.


  • Individuals with a MD or PhD.
  • From any Country
  • Proposed and sponsored by an IOIBD Member


Interested applicants should submit with their CV a statement of interest and project description no longer than 3 pages of narrative and 1 page of budget.

Successful applicants will demonstrate:

  • How the grant will benefit them
  • How does the project fit into their professional plan
  • What their institution and country will gain from the project
  • The feasibility of the project.
  • Budget reasonableness.
  • A letter should be included from the “sponsoring” IOIBD site that gives a brief statement of support for the candidate.

A short presentation of the project outcome will be made during the next annual meeting by the sponsor.

Deadline: Travel Grant Deadline –01 September 2022
For more information or submission contact: Marischka Konings –

IOIBD Clinical Exchange to foster investigative career in IBD

   fudProposal Summary
– Goal: Support international training on inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) to promote the global development of IBD patient care and research by ensuring that gastroenterology physicians and researchers living in developing nations can access start-of-the art advanced training and mentorships in IBD care.
– Strategy: Develop and launch the ‘The IOIBD Clinical Experience Exchange Program’ to allow gastroenterology physicians and researcher from developing nations to spend a year with a member physician of IOIBD.
– Outcome: Access to advanced training with IOIBD members will allow gastroenterology physicians / researchers from developing nations to learn updated, innovative techniques in diagnosing, treating, and managing Crohn’s disease (CD), allowing them to bring these new skills back to their respective countries and the IBD patients they serve.

The IOIBD Clinical Experience Exchange Program will be operational beginning in the second half of 2023 for the total sum of 120.000 EURO per year with the first two awardees beginning their mentorship experience in 2023. We aim to select two grantees per year for the next three years with the program running in 2023, 2024 and 2025.

This travel grant would support physicians or PhD researchers who want to visit a foreign, Helmsley-supported IBD center for clinical and research experience (60/40). The expected total stay will be 1 year.

– Individuals with a MD or PhD
– From any country but preference will be given to an individual from a developing country (as defined by the United Nations)
– Proposed and sponsored by an IOIBD Member although the applicant need not be at the same institution or country as an IOIBD member
– Preference will be given to investigators within 5 years of training -The receiving IBD center is a Helmsley supported center

Call to action to our members: Please help us find eligible candidates for this fantastic opportunity!
Deadline for submission: 01 September 2022 with program starting for 2 candidates in 2023

Helmsley will not influence the selection of candidates or placement with an IOIBD member

This program is supported by funding from:


IOIBD Scientific Secretariat

Marischka Konings

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