Be an IBD Champion and help us optimize our IOIBD GIVES World map!
Please check our important IOIBD GIVES project with global data on IBD. In order to fill the gaps, please let us know if you can help.

IOIBD GIVES defines the global epidemiology of IBD by synthesizing previously published, as well as updating, systematic reviews of population-based studies reporting the burden of IBD (e.g., incidence, prevalence, hospitalizations) across the world.

Our atlas of IBD is a living project that we want to update as new data is published. Moreover, as you can see on the map, we have not yet established global coverage. If you think you can help us find the right person or institution to update epidemiological data or to fill in the blank area’s OR if you ARE such a person, please fill out this quick survey (2 minutes).This will enable us to define if you are indeed the IBD Champion we are looking for!

As a global partner for IBD research IOIBD and WGO can offer help to get relevant IBD studies organised in your area. Please drop us a message at