AUTHORS (LAST NAME, FIRST NAME): Ferrante, Marc1; Papamichael, Konstantinos4; Duricova, Dana.5; D’Haens, Geert R.2, 3; Vermeire, Severine1; Archavlis, Emmanuel J.4; Rutgeerts, Paul J.1; Bortlik, Martin5; Mantzaris, Gerassimos J.4; Van Assche, Gert A.1

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Ferrante M, Colombel JF, Sandborn WJ, Reinisch W, Mantzaris G, Kornbluth A, Rachmilewitz D, Lichtiger S, D’Haens GR, van der Woude, CJ, Danese S, Diamond RH, Oortwijn AF, Tang KL, Miller M, Cornillie F, Rutgeerts P and IOIBD members
Validation of Endoscopic Activity Scores in Patients with Crohn’s Disease Based on a Post-Hoc  Analysis of Data from SONIC
under revision for publication in Gastroenterology

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