The IOIBD is a non-profitable foundation with the aim to support education and research on an international level in the field of inflammatory bowel diseases.

Day to day business, IOIBD Secretariat:

c/o MK Producties, congress agency 
att. Marischka Konings


Javalaan 9a
3742 CN Baarn
The Netherlands


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IOIBD is a Swedish based foundation

Funded in 1997 under the name: Stiftelsen for Utbildning och Forskning avseende lnflammatoriska Tarmsjukdom (SUFIT).
The legal address for IOIBD is following:

The International Foundation for the study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IOIBD)
c/o Ass. Prof. Pär Myrelid, MD PhD
Treasurer IOIBD,
Surgeon Linköping University Hospital

Legal Address:

The International Organisation for the Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IOIBD)
In Swedish: SUFIT – see above –
Att. Ass. Prof. Pär Myrelid, MD PhD
Treasurer IOIBD
Linköping University Hospital
Department Surgery, Plan 14
SE-58185 Linköping

The IOIBD foundation is situated in Stockholm, Sweden, and is exempted from Swedish tax and VATS (Org. No: 802404-9960.)

The IOIBD Institute B.V.

The IOIBD Institute B.V. has been founded in November 2021 and based in The Netherlands.
The board of Directors is formed by the Chair and Treasurer of the IOIBD Foundation (SUFIT), plus two Dutch Directors. The day-to-day business is in the hands of one of the Dutch Directors, Ms MGC Konings, who also leads the IOIBD Secretariat since 2011.


IOIBD Scientific Secretariat

Marischka Konings

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Javalaan 9a
3742 CN Baarn
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